A walk through the African bush is a wonderful way to experience the savannah intimately. Getting out of the vehicle and trekking on foot over the same terrain as our early ancestors did (archeological evidence points to East Africa as the cradle of human kind) is truly remarkable. You hear your own footsteps instead of the sound of an engine running & Tanzania still has fantastic wilderness especially in the southern regions.

Smells and sounds become distinct and varied while smaller creatures such as insects and birds gain significance. They are no longer simply rushed past in the race for the bigger game. When larger animals do appear, they are met at eye level; the land is truly shared between humans and animals.

Hearing a baboon bark or impala snort directed at you heightens the senses, yet a walking safari can also be incredibly peaceful.

Safety is not an issue – all walks are accompanied by armed, experienced guides and game rangers -walks are 4-6 hours in duration and it is best to choose one suited to your fitness level.