Rubondo Island is one of two Tanzanian national parks located on an island in Lake Victoria. The island attracts a small number of visitors each year, mainly game fishermen and bird enthusiasts.

Rubondo Island – in the southwest corner of Lake Victoria – is for those seeking the thrill of adventure in a truly wild area, all but untouched by man.

The island is uninhabited by humans and has been set aside as a refuge for threatened chimpanzees. The surrounding waters of Lake Victoria are a crucial breeding ground for tilapia and the enormous Nile perch. This unique corner of Africa is a sanctuary to be enjoyed by only a handful of fortunate – and intrepid – travelers. Rubondo Island Camp is the only accommodation in the entire park.



To reach Rubondo Island, there three options. One is to drive with a car, which if the trip starts from Dar es Salaam then Morogoro-Dodoma-Singida-Shinyanga, and the last stop in Mwanza.

This takes two to three days drive. From Iringa then Dodoma-Singida-Igunga-Shinyanga last stop to Mwanza.


Flight from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza.

By road (self drive/’a do-it-yourself’ safari):
From Mwanza – via The Kigongo Ferry (photo), Sengerema, Geita, and Muganza: 265 km
(Good/fair road condition all the way – and asphalted).

From Muganza:
TANAPA speed boat (photo in the middle) to Rubondo Island (30 minutes).
US$ 100 (return) – Tanzanian residents/non-residents. Max 6 pax.

From Nkome:
TANAPA speed boat (photo in the middle) to Rubondo Island (90 minutes).
US$ 180 (return) – Tanzanian residents/non-residents. Max 6 pax.