Mobile Camping is an exciting way to experience the sights & sounds of the African wilderness.

If you’re in the processing of planning a safari in Africa and you have an interest in nature and in being a part of it, then what better way is there to enjoy the outstanding flora and fauna you traveled so far to see than to completely immerse yourself in it? 

A mobile camping safari has many advantages over its luxury lodge competitors and it can be a change of pace from the traditional all-day game drive, as you can choose to take a break and reflect in the shade of your camp during the heat of the day.

Though camping is often thought of as a ‘budget’ activity compared to traditional safari activities, it is a great option to the hectic pace and allows you to familiarize yourself with your own piece of the park, after spending a few days in one location.

The camp serves as a base from which you set out either on a walking safari or game drive, and opens up otherwise inaccessible wilderness areas.  For those who are looking for an adventure truly off the grid, this is the best way to travel.