Locals refer to the Kitulo Plateau as Bustani ya Mungu – The Garden of    God – whereas botanists have dubbed it the Serengeti of Flowers, host to      ‘one of the great floral spectacles of the world’.

Kitulo is indeed a rare botanical marvel, home to a full 350 species of   vascular plants, including 45 varieties of terrestrial orchids, which erupt into a riotous wildflower display of breathtaking scale and diversity   during the main rainy season of late November to April.

Having its unique flower species remained wild, with birds singing and migrating to the highland forests, Kitulo Plateau National Park is latest and a new comer to Tanzania’s tourist attractive sites. Bustani ya Mungu  (God’s Garden) is the visitors name given to this new park, the only of its kind in Africa where wild flowers, birds and harmonious grass eating mammals are dominating

.Kitulo Plateau is perched between the rugged peaks of the Kipengere,   Livingstone and Poroto Mountains in Southern Highlands of Tanzania. It  is the site of one of the world’s great floral spectacles.


The temporary park headquarter are at Matamba located some 60 km  from Mbeya town. The main road from Dar leads through Chimala in the south on a dusty road called Hamsini na Saba -78km to the park gate at matamba. Reaching the plateau from Matamba park gate will take you one hour when driving with a robust 4WD Accommodation within this new Tanzania Park is very limited but there   are several options from Mbeya town’s hotel, guesthouses and campsnear Kitulo Matamba gate of near the farm. There are two church hostels near Matema beach for cheap Tanzania safari accommodation.