Kilwa Kisiwani, an authentic historical town in Real South, Located about 300km south of Dar es Salaam, Kilwa Kisiwani is the leading historical site in southern Tanzania. A quick visit to Kilwa Kisiwani gives a thrilling memory when discussing the rich history of the Swahili coast that extends along the Eastern coast of the Indian Ocean in Tanzania.

Despite the beauty of this Island which is located in Kilwa District, Lindi Region, memories of the past civilization and early settlements could be a memoir of a lifetime for any tourist venturing this part of Tanzania.

Kiliwa Kisiwani is a tourist site, standing among the leading, earliest trading towns on the East African coast. Historical buildings in the island were constructed with coral stone mixed with limestone materials which had made the architecture beautiful and stable to survive weather conditions characterized by humid and hot temperatures for hundreds of years.

 Another attraction at Kilwa Kisiwani is the Portuguese Fort. This    beautiful building was later used as a garrison by the Arabs and Germans to punish Africans who opposed their occupation over the east coast. Kilwa Kisiwani remains the old trading town of the Indian Ocean and that had attracted trade with Arabia, India and China, particularly  between the 13th and 16th centuries, when gold and ivory trade from the mainland Tanzania thrived.Silver, carnelians, perfumes, Persian faience and Chinese porcelain were the leading trading goods between Kilwa Kisiwani, Oman, China and   Persia (Iran). Most interesting,  Kilwa Kisiwani minted its own currency  in the 11th to 14th centuries.  The World Heritage Committee had approved the Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Ruins of Songo Mnara as the  UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Getting There

Driving From Dar Es Salaam to Kilwa

Until the early 90’s the road to travel to Kilwa was often closed and could be closed for up to 2 months, resulting in an 8 day drive detour around  the border of the Selous Game Reserve! In the mid 90’s two of the main obstacles on the road to Kilwa were bridged; in 1996 the Mkapa Bridge   crossed the Rufiji River and in 1998 the Matandu Bridge was constructed.

Since then construction of the road network has carried on through   international and local government funding meaning the 350km road will  be complete in early 2013.

          Driving From Lindi to Kilwa

This is a short drive now taking around 2 hours. To travel into Mozambique we recommend travelling to Algoma, which is situated 38 km west of Masasi on the Mtwara-Mbamba Bay trunk road and taking  the newly built Unity Bridge into Mozambique.

          Flying to Kilwa Masoko

Kilwa airport is about 3km from the beach on the outskirts of Kilwa  Masoko town. Currently only Coastal Aviation offers flights and these are  on a request basis stop off on their flights to Mafia.

            Flight times are:

Dar to Kilwa Daily depart 10:30 arrive 11:40 Via Mafia 250$ per person

Kilwa to Dar Daily depart 11:50 arrive 13:00 Via Mafia 250$ per person

Please note minimum people required is two. For more than 3 pax please contact us and we can arrange flights with a charter company.